In all the fuss that surrounded Google I/O last week, it was easy to miss one important event in the Android custom ROM world. Paranoid Android has finally released final stable state of version 4.4 of the ROM, bringing not only the features teased and released before, but even a very up-to-date Android 4.4.4.

Paranoid Android 4.4 is an important release not just for its users but even more so for its developers. When they started the trek to integrated Android 4.4 KitKat into their ROM, they also set a goal to reinvent themselves and to provide a new direction for their efforts. As such, this release represents the first fruits of that redirection and the features that await both old and new users alike are testament to the developer’s new found vision. Peek and Hover are likely the most high-profile new features to be included in Paranoid Android. In this last round of polish, Hover has seen the most changes, gaining proper support for tablets in landscape mode. Now users will no longer be met with with super wide hover notifications and it won’t have to fight for space with the actual notification panel any longer.

There are, of course, some improvements across the board. The Theme Engine has once again been synced to the upstream source and has gained support for theming the Dialer app, battery tile and status bar indicators, and even the Pie side interface. There have also been fixes in different parts of the user interface, like making the volume indicator a wee bit more translucent, some force closes on the Paranoid Android OTA app, and a general round of bugfixes.

Paranoid Android 4.4 Final is available for download here. The dev team assures users that while this release represents a stable build that they can install without fear of it eating their kittens, it doesn’t mean that development has stopped. Indeed it will be interesting to see what this custom ROM will come up with next, especially in light of the upcoming Android L.

SOURCE: +Paranoid Android