Graphic designers and others that work with colors know that Pantone has charts that will help you to pick the perfect colors for any project. The problem for some is the fact that it can be hard to carry Pantone cards around with you everywhere. Pantone has announced that it has a new app for Android users called myPANTONE. The app has been on the iPhone only for a while and this is the first time it has come to Android users.

The app allows the user to capture and create Pantone color pallets right on their smartphone and gives access to over 13,000 Pantone colors right from the phone. The app has color calibration tools to improve the appearance of the colors on the screen of your iPhone. The app also supports CMYK Pantone Plus Series colors and offers access to ICC color-managed values.

Other features include a formula guide for coated and uncoated stock. The app will give CMYK values for 1,341 solid pantone colors, and it supports Pantone Plus Pastels and Neons. One cool feature is that the app will automatically show you colors that go with whatever main color you are interested in. The app will also capture a color using the camera on the phone and extract colors from any photo on the phone.



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