It’s update season over at Verizon Wireless and we can now confirm one of their mid-range handsets from Pantech is getting a quick software update this week. It looks like all those rocking the aging Pantech Breakout will be happy to learn that some bugs will be fixed, and some of that Verizon bloatware removed.

The last update for the Breakout was back in December, which still didn’t bring a new version of Android, and sadly this update won’t be updating you to a tasty new version either. We’re still stuck on the same OS flavor, but at least you’ll be getting some bug fixes and such. Here’s what we’ve learned from the Verizon support page.

The update is quite tiny, and while it doesn’t actually list any bug fixes surely there are a few in there somewhere that should improve performance. However, all those pesky Verizon apps wasting valuable internal storage will be gone. Pantech and Verizon are removing Verizon Apps, VZW Video, Rhapsody, and even the Blockbuster app. I don’t think those stores are even around anymore.

The low memory notification issue has been fixed, and that could be due to them removing those worthless apps above. Then as usual we can expect some security improvements and key Google security patches, but that’s seriously all that Verizon posted regarding the update. It’s minor, but you Pantech fans should be on the lookout as it most likely will arrive sometime this week. Head into settings and check for updates yourself if you’d like.

[via Android Police]

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