If you do a lot of driving around and Waze is your companion, you’ve probably wished that your music player was already there as well. They’ve already done that previously with apps like Spotify but if you’re more of a Pandora user, you still had to use the app separately. Well, that’s until now. The music streaming app has now announced that they are officially teaming up with Waze so you can personalize your musical journey as you drive or travel to your destination.

Switching between two apps when driving can be not just annoying but even dangerous. So having your music player integrated with your navigation app seems like a good idea. If your music app of choice is Pandora, you can now play it from within the Waze app through the embedded audio player. This way you can still listen to your radio station and at the same time navigate your way to wherever you’re going.

It can also be the other way around. Once you’ve connected both the Pandora app and the Waze app on your smartphone, you’ll be able to see what your next step is as you navigate to your destination, right on the Pandora app. So you will have the option to choose which of the two apps will be on your screen but you’ll still have some sort of access to both.

To connect Waze to your Pandora, click on the music icon which you will see on the top right of the app. You’ll see all of the music apps that it currently supports, which includes Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, NPR One, etc. Choose the Pandora icon from the options and you can start on your musical journey already.

It should be noted that you need to have Pandora installed on your phone. Only those apps that are installed will show up in the “Select an audio app” section.