With the advent of digital voice assistants and artificial intelligence, most people expect gadgets and even apps themselves to have it baked in them or to support most of the available assistants out there like Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, etc. If you’re a Pandora user, whether the free version or the paid subscription, the good news is you will now get its very own Pandora Voice Mode directly in your Android app so you can control your music hands-free on your smartphone.

Using advanced Natural Language Understanding technology and combining it with Pandora’s Music Genome Project and its powerful listener preference algorithm, the Voice Mode should be able to give its users hands-free power over the app. This is perfect for those times when your hands are full and yet you need to play something on the app or tweak your listening experience.

All you have to do to start it all is say “Hey Pandora” and follow it up with your request or question. You can do the basics like change stations, turn the volume up or down, skip the song, pause what’s playing, and other practical navigation commands. You can also ask it to play something that will match your current activity or mood like “play relaxing music” or “play something while I workout”.

If you don’t know what you want to hear, you can make an open-ended request like “play something different” or “play something I like”, the latter one which will go through your previously listened to tracks. You can also ask for a specific song, artist, station, playlist, or podcast. You can also use interactive requests like asking “what song is this?” or asking it to add a song to your playlist or giving it a thumbs up by saying “I like this”.

The Pandora Voice Mode has started rolling out to selected Android users but after a few months of testing it out on this small percentage of users, it will roll out to all users afterwards.

SOURCE: Pandora