With a lot of music streaming services out there, the various apps have to step it up in order to become the music app of choice for the users. And one of the things that people are looking for is the ability to choose what they listen to and to discover artists that they might like based on what they listen to. Pandora, one of the most popular ones out there, is introducing a new feature called Browse, which will come soon to Android devices.

According to the chief product officer of Pandora, Chris Philipps, their musicologists who have gone through millions of songs just to help you find the music you love. Browse makes it now easier for you to either put together the songs and artists that you like or to help you find music if you’re looking for something new or more of the same artists that you like. With this new feature, you don’t need to browse through music that have no relevance to you because the app will give you only the artists and stations that you have previously liked or listened to.

But in case you’re also after something new, you’ll have new station recommendations based on the music that you’ve previously listened to. And you don’t have to “commit” to a station immediately. You can take a look at what’s playing so you can decide whether or not you want to add it to your station list. And if you like metrics, you will be able to see how many fans are listening to that station. You can also now find out more about the artists, in case you’re discovering them for the first time.

The app also now has a new look and feel, with a one-tap access to see what you’re listening to and the ability to arrange your stations alphabetically or by those you recently listened to. Browse is already available in other platforms, but it will becoming soon to Android.

SOURCE: Pandora