Those living in New Zealand and Australia now have another option when it comes to streaming radio on an Android device. The new option is Pandora, which despite having been around for a few years now, is now rolling out on an international basis. In fact, it was said that this marks the first international expansion for Pandora.

The updated Android app can be found just where you would expect — in Google Play. Aside from the support for those in New Zealand and Australia, this latest release also included “various” bug fixes and enhancements. Nothing anymore specific on which bugs were fixed or which enhancements were made.

Otherwise, Pandora has arrived for those in New Zealand and Australia just as we would have hoped — for free. The Pandora app can be downloaded and used without having to shell out any money. Users will be able to create personalized stations with nothing more than an artist or song name. The stations are then further customized to your liking using the thumbs up and/or thumbs down.

Also important to note, as opposed to simply rolling out the service, the folks at Pandora are offering hand-picked genre based stations for those in both countries. Some of these stations include Summer Hits, New Wave, Hottest 100s, Indie Rock and Alternative. These stations are also further broken down by decade. With that, if you are in either of these countries, fire up Google Play and check out Pandora.

[via Pandora Blog]