Behold another eReader with access to Barnes and Noble Bookstore’s online store full of ebooks. This isn’t the first eBook reader that Pandigital has put out in their manufacturing history, and it’s certainly not the last, but it IS certainly the most recent, and Android IS present upon it. Earlier today we reported that NOOKcolor’s app downloads hit 1 million after only a week online – but that’s apps. Will this Pangitital device have access to the same NOOK Apps store? Given that it comes with “a host” of apps pre-installed, it might be possible.

On the other hand, it’d make a whole lot more sense for this device to be working with the Amazon App store, don’t you think? Having not seen an eReader with Android Market access yet (at least non-hacked-wise,) I’d bank on no market access or Amazon access. The device you’re looking at here is a 7-inch tablet with TFT LCD screen, Wifi access and access to Barnes and Noble for eBooks. The tablet features front and rear-facing camera, HDMI output and even a microphone.

The “Planet” contains a slew of pre-installed apps including Facebook, Dictionary, Antivirus, and OfficeSuite Viewer. Wait, Antivirus? How can that be? I thought handheld devices couldn’t get viruses? Of course they can, young Jedi, they’ve just not seen any big attacks yet. In the very near future we’re going to have to be very attentive potential viral attacks on devices with Android, iOS, and the lot, and Android Community will be your go-to site for updates on such stuff.

Stay safe and stay Android!

[via WirelessGoodness]