Panasonic, the popular consumer electronics company, announced today that they will begin sales of their own smartphones in Japan early next year, followed by overseas in 2012. Each of its phones will be based on Google’s Android platform and will be set to compete with not only the iPhone, but Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones as well.

The consumer electronics giant admitted they were late to the smartphone game, but plans to make up for the wait with its handsets emphasizing network capabilities with its other Panasonic products.

Osamu Waki, head of Panasonic mobile communications, acknowledges the reason for the delayed venture into the smartphone market.

“We misjudged the speed at which smartphones would be taken up in the Japanese market, with the rapid shift to Android, we want to catch up quickly.”

With plans to sell around 15 million units worldwide in 2015, along with 5.4-5.5 million units in Japan in the year to March, they sure want to enter the smartphone market with a bang.

[Via Reuters]


  1. 1. too too late for Panasonic to play a game at the foreign field. All they can do is to imitate. They hardly can invent something really new that people will love like iPhone – the precious time has gone…
    2. CES 2011 clearly showed Panasonic is swiftly degrading…
    3. they headed to the wrong way with their networking feature because they are NOT the worldwide leaders in electronics anymore and people have many other devices of different manufactures they want to connect to. There are many world standards for networking between heterogeneous devices and there is a big mistake for Panasonic to misjudge the world situation again…
    Summary: Panasonic will have to manufacture a really really stunning, useful and extremely featured cell phone (smartphone) devices at competitive prices to conquer the world. Even than, they won’t be the number one ever anyway. Their second mistake won’t be forgiven and they will die finally forever…


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