Expanding its line of rugged devices, Panasonic revealed at MWC 2014 a new 5-inch Toughpad variant. Aimed squarely at workers on the field and on the move, this device combines the portability of a phablet with materials and features built for some serious rough handling.

This new Panasonic Toughpad features both voice and data capabilities, though Panasonic isn’t exactly saying whether it will be through regular cellular networks or via VoIP. Aside from that addition, as well as more hand-friendly size, this Toughpad boasts of all the same features as its older siblings.

Like other Toughpads, this 5-inch model is designed to be used outdoors and in less conventional situations. You have the same rugged build and water and dust protection. The battery is promised to have a long life and, when that life is near its end, quick charging features. The touchscreen display is designed to be readable under bright sunlight and useful even when wearing gloves.


Rather strangely, this Toughpad will be available with two operating options of Android and Windows Embedded 8. The 5-inch Panasonic Toughpad will have a limited launch in Europe in autumn this year and will allow enterprise customers to modify the devices by adding peripherals with screws or via the internal micro USB port.

SOURCE: Panasonic