The mobile industry hasn’t heard anything Palm in recent months. The last time was back in April when we mentioned the Palm phone could now serve as a stand-alone device. The brand is still alive as it was re-launched as a “companion” phone on Verizon network last year. There is a Palm device that is more ideal as a secondary smartphone. It was announced after a Palm Android phone image surfaced online. TCL and Verizon have been working on a new mobile device and now it seems the Palm name is being given a new lease in life.

The new Palm phone is ready for pre-order on This unlocked smartphone can stand alone which means you can use it on different networks apart from Verizon. It’s unlocked so you can also use it on other networks like T-Mobile, AT&T, and MetroPCS.

Send in your pre-order and be eligible to receive free Neck and Wrist Lanyards and free Palm Leather Case. This unlocked Palm device is already installed with the latest software updates from Android. Battery and camera enhancements are included. Access the Google Play Store so you can get all apps you want to try and games to enjoy.

The Palm team is determined to deliver regular software updates so don’t worry if they get rolled out and updated automatically. You can get it from Best Buy and Verizon stores if you are in the US.

In Europe, German, Spain, and the UK will have the Palm device. Hong Kong and Japan will also get the product.

It’s ideal as your secondary phone. Your child can have it as his first smartphone. It’s not as powerful but it’s good for those into minimalism. A powerful and high-speed smartphone can be too distracting with all the alerts and notifications. You can do a lot but really, sometimes, all you need to do is communication.

The Palm costs $349.99. We can’t say why it’s that expensive if it’s only a basic phone but maybe it has something to do with the novelty of the brand.