The Pebble may not be the most hi-tech and hi-specced smartwatch today but it’s certainly one of the coolest. It’s simple and gets easy jobs done. Functions may be limited but thanks to a new Kickstarter project, the Pebble will soon be ready to make mobile payments. The Pagaré smartstrap turns your smartwatch into an e-wallet so you can make contactless payment transactions in stores and retailers where it is accepted.

The Pagaré is strap is a secure add-on to the smartwatch. Replace the Pebble’s current strap with the smart strap that comes with some thin components that store import card or bank details. Phones usually utilize NFC and work with a companion app. This one though doesn’t need any mobile device but it still uses NFC connectivity. That means you don’t have to bring out your phone to make mobile payment transactions–just wear your Pebble smartwatch. Pagaré also adds a hidden USB connector so you can charge the Pebble directly to a computer via a USB port.

The smart strap is expected to work with over nine million retail locations, as well as, public transit. More establishments and transit authority systems will soon be added to the long list of partners that can accept the Pebble-Pagaré framework. Store your card or account details. To make a payment, press the up and down buttons to select which card you want to use to pay.

Pagare Contactless Payment Smartstraps for Pebble Smartwatch 8

Some shops that will accept Pagaré include: Whole Foods, GameStop, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Peets Coffee, Toys R Us, Nike, Subway, Sephora, Aeropostale, Bloomingdales, and Jamba Juice among others. You can use any Pebble model with the Pagaré. Pebble Time, Pebble Time Round, or Pebble Time Steel smartwatch is compatible with the smart strap.

Fit Pay, the startup behind this project, is trying to raise $120,000. As of this writing, over more than $61,000 have been donated by 1,008 backers with 29 more days to go before deadline. Feel free to donate as little as $5 or as much as $1,999 or more to turn this project into a reality.

SOURCE: Kickstarter