If you’ve been missing our favorite ghost-eating game character, you can have PAC-MAN back on your mobile device. However, the newest game to come out of Bandai Namco isn’t the one that you’ve gotten used to over the years. PAC-MAN Pop is a straight up bubble shooter game with the yellow dude just cheering you on, but really, you’re doing all the work. Well, if you consider bubble popping and pet saving actual work.

The fiendish ghosts that have been plaguing PAC-MAN his entire life, Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde (in case you didn’t know they have names) have now set their sights on PAC-MAN’s pets. They have left bubble traps all over the land and it’s now up to you to free said pets who are looking so adorable but trapped in their own, literal bubbles. Of course the earlier levels are pretty easy, with you just flinging bubbles and matching 3 or more colors in order to pop the ones that the pets are in.


It gets a little more difficult as you go on as there are hundreds of levels that you need to go through. Some of those levels involve having to get to the ghosts that are hiding in the middle of all those bubbles. There are also some PAC-ATTACK mini games within the main game and this is where you probably will see PAC-MAN get into action, aside from just cheering you on.

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You can download PAC-MAN Pop from the Google Play Store for free. If you do it before September 4, you’ll get a free bonus coin pack which you can then use to buy in-app items.

SOURCE: Bandai Namco