Pac-Man will forever live in our hearts. No matter how young or old, the retro dot-and-pellet-eating and ghost-chasing round character will always be remembered. We’ve seen Pac-Man star in several mobile games already including that PAC-MAN 256 Endless Maze and that visit on Crossy Road. Believe it or not, the franchise already celebrated its 35th Anniversary last year. We even saw some special features like the Championship Edition DX game and that Google Maps invasion on April Fool’s Day.

We won’t get tired of it and we’ll only welcome new arcade games and adventures like this ‘Pac-Man Hats’ where you’ll be challenged to grab a hat before chasing some ghosts. The main goal of the player for each maze is to eat all the dots, chase the ghosts, and grab a hat. You need to unlock the next maze and on your way, there will be more token rewards.

Strive to get the stars and eat those fruits for more rewards. When it comes to unlocking the hats, you need to complete all the mazes. Note that each maze will require you to wear a different Hat. Track your energy and watch if it will drop or go up with every hat that you grab.

This is PAC-MAN getting hungrier each time. You’ll need to take a mega pellet if you want gameplay to be enhanced. Four hats are available: the Pirate Hat, Magician Hat, Zeus Hat, and the Alien Hat. Choose at least one and power up to make it stronger.

Explore the map further and see if you can discover more maze elements. Some of them are hidden but very helpful to every game level. Game is still in beta mode so watch out for some bugs.

Download PAC-MAN Hats from the Google Play Store