There are only so many things you can do to a classic gaming franchise like Pac-Man, before the attempts to bring them to modern times become trite and tired. Lo and behold, we have another official Pac-game release called “PAC-MAN Friends” aimed specifically at the Android platform. What will fans of the classic think about this?

The classic game of Pac-Man worked because of its simplicity, with your yellow (or 8-bit white, depending on the platform you played in) chomping dude going around the same maze being chased by ghosts that drink an ever-increasing quantity of energy drinks after every stage. People didn’t have to think so much, and the game just provided a simple proposition that was enough.

PAC-MAN Friends appeals to the classic nostalgia while adding on some very modern features to the game. You’ll find stuff to chomp, ghosts, mazes and the occasional fruit here, but a lot of it is new, like using tilt controls to move Pac-Man around your puzzle stages. The new game features 95 levels and 6 worlds, with 9 new Pac-friends to help you out.

There’s the inevitable social network connection, to tell your friends how well you’re doing, and in-app purchases. The game is downloadable via the Google Play Store for USD$4.99. Check out the source link for the details and the download.

SOURCE: Google Play Store