Here’s is some good news for OnePlus 3 users, especially if you’re still sad at the launching of the OnePlus 3T. The company has just announced the Open Beta 8 software build for OxegenOS which finally updates your software to Android Nougat. Yay! It’s a beta build, but most of you will probably take this if you can.

OxygenOS has released Open Beta 8, and it is an upgrade to Android Nougat. Before you get too happy about this, allow us to clarify a few things. First, this is an update to Android 7.0 Nougat only, so none of those features from 7.1 yet. Secondly, this is still a beta build, so there will be things that won’t work and known bugs and issues. For instance, Android Pay may not work with this build yet. The software may struggle with stability and performance as of now.


But with Nougat, you will be getting these new features, like the New Notifications Design, a new Settings Menu, Multi-Window operations, and the much-awaited Custom DPI Support. There are also new options for Status Bar Icons, new Quick Launch for 3rd Party Applications, and some improvements to the app shelf.

You will have to download the build and flash it manually, this will NOT arrive via OTA even for beta open members. Also, please note that flashing to Nougat means you will not be able to directly downgrade to Marshmallow as you like. You may have to contact OnePlus support if you want to downgrade to Android M.