The ownCloud Android app has just received an update. The ownCloud version 1.8 brings three new important features like text file preview, file copy, and of course, Material Design. The app now boasts of following Google’s Material Design guidelines so it’s expected to work smoother, faster, and with the unnecessary elements on the interface removed. As with most app updates, this one also includes bug fixes and improvements on performance.

The new Material Design theme is very obvious all throughout the updated app. File Type Icons were updated while you can now COPY files & folders and Preview TXT files right within the ownCloud app. From the long press menu, you can preview the folder or file name. The Conflict Resolution dialog was also updated while you can now preview images with transparent background correctly. From the Context Menu, you can also set file as your favorite for easier access in the future.

Notice first the ‘Action bar and drawer’. You will now see the active account user and more icons to help you easily identify the actions. App has been updated with a new icon set and redesigned dialogs.

The developer said this isn’t final yet. More “materializing” will still be applied. In the next updates, expect to a more visually consistent style of the check boxes, highlighting of primary action button, and a floating action button.

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SOURCE: ownCloud