Expectant mothers, especially first-timers, generally like resource materials as they go through their pregnancy. Used to be, baby books and then websites were their go-to’s when it comes to research and step-by-step guides. But now that we’re in the mobile age, it’s only apt that apps will become a hot resource for expecting women. The Ovia Pregnancy Guide is one of the more exhaustive and personalised apps out there.

More than just having how-to’s and things you need to know, Ovia has a high-tech and personal approach for its users. As long as you correctly enter the information needed, like weight progress, hours of sleep, irregular symptoms experienced, etc, the app will be able to track your pregnancy and the baby’s development week after week until you’re due. It will also give you alerts when analysis of the data you input results in certain risks or warning signs. And if you still don’t know yet when you’re due, it can also help you calculate based on date of conception and your last menstrual period.

As you get closer to your due date, you can also try to record how many times the baby is kicking with the kick counter. And then later on when the contractions start, the app also has a contraction timer. If you’re not sure if the medication or food that you will be taking is safe, it also has a look-up database so you can check for its status. Ovia also has more than 400 articles and tools that can help you develop your knowledge about your body and your baby’s as well.

The app can also be used as a sort of baby book or diary as you can store notes, photos, and pregnancy milestones like your first ultrasound, baby showers, ideas for baby names and other exciting happenings during the whole pregnancy. If you are feeling social, there are also sharing options for some of the content on the app. You can share it on social networks or through SMS and email.

Download the Ovia Pregnancy Guide from the Google Play Store.