So you’d like to overclock that lovely little machine, oh but Droid X, isn’ that supposed to be impossible to work with in such a way? I say thee nay! The fine folks over at Android Forums have it all whipped up nice and simple for you to get the most from your little piece of multitasker, and they’ve done it in a way that’s not as terrifyingly unapproachable as you might think.

Many developers have been hacking away diligently at their Droid X devices since they were released (and of course, some were before that,) and much has been accomplished, but there’s that big fat problem of a locked bootloader blocking them like the teeth of a toddler block broccoli. But lo! Check it out, everything you’ve ever dreamed of, all courtesy of Android superstar FreeWELL.

FreeWELL uses the Milestone overclocking approach found on 2.1, lifts it up and tosses it down on DX allowing rooted users to reach hot, hot speeds. Overclocking up to 1.1GHz (stable) with slots set for underclocking if the user does so choose to use them. Oh my! Find all this and more over at Android Forums

[Via Droid Life]