The Kickstarter campaign for OUYA wrapped up earlier this morning, bringing in a grand total of $8,596,475 in funding from 63,416 backers. A mind-numbing figure to be sure, but now it’s time for the OUYA team to get to work on bringing this Android-based console to market. They haven’t wasted any time either, as OUYA pre-orders are now available through the official site.

Looking at the pre-order page, we’re also given an expected ship date. Those who pre-order through the site will begin receiving their consoles in April 2013, one month after Kickstarter backers get theirs. The cost for one console and one controller is $109.00 if you’re living within the United States, while international buyers have to shell out an additional ten dollars. You also have the option of purchasing more controllers with your console, but doing so will naturally cost a bit more money. Still, the cost of an OUYA console and four controllers only comes in at $200, which is pretty inexpensive as far as game consoles go.

It’s good to see the OUYA team hit the ground running, but with the immensely successful Kickstarter campaign now behind us, backers wouldn’t expect anything less. OUYA scored some big partnerships throughout the course of its campaign, announcing team-up with XBMC, OnLive, iHeartRadio, and VEVO, so the console will come complete with some nice bonuses when it arrives next year. There are also plenty of developers pledging support for OUYA, but whether or not they follow through with those pledges will be determined by the console’s success.

Indeed, OUYA has its work cut out for it, because Kickstarter success – though great – is far from actual success at market. There seem to many people who are already very excited for OUYA, however, so perhaps the stage is set for OUYA to take the console world by storm. We hope you’re ready for a ton of hype, because there will be no lack of it as we get closer to OUYA’s 2013 launch date.

[via SlashGear]


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