The OUYA team mentioned that external storage support was an item that was in the works. This news came back in September and while it was encouraging, there was little detail provided other than it being an item that was being worked on. As for a timeline it was simply listed as “coming.” Well, it looks like that time has arrived, for those who are willing to play in the beta space.

Coming by way of the OUYA blog, external storage support will be arriving in closed beta next week. The team has said this is a feature they have been focused on and they are “just about ready to put external storage into a testing phase.” Further details here touch on why they chose the beta route.

Basically, this is described as being a big feature. And on top of that, there are lots and lots of external storage options available. Using a closed beta will provide a bit more of a controlled testing group and allow the team to better work on any issues that arise.

Otherwise, in addition to the upcoming external storage beta, there is a regular update just about ready to begin rolling out. Some of the other items that will be coming include the ability to download a game by pressing the U button while highlighting a game title as well as the promise of improved performance and some fixes and other tweaks.

Some of the fixes include Download being changed to Free Download to ensure users realize all games have a free trial available, a new ‘forgot password’ option on the user sign-in screen, a fix for the HDMI wake up issue, videos and screenshots will now go full screen when enlarged (as opposed to simply getting bigger) and more.

That all being said, those looking to get in on the external storage beta will need to fill out a form with OUYA and for that, follow the link sitting below.