Today the folks from OUYA took a moment to inform all of their loyal fans, buyers, and backers that production has continued to pick up the pace and starting next week will hit full steam. After getting a few initial shipments and developer units out lately today they’ve confirmed starting next week they’ll be producing, packing, and shipping OUYA consoles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is excellent news for the nearly 63,000 backers of the program. Being one of the most successful kickstarter campaigns to date everyone’s been watching OUYA, and this is certainly good news. Today they confirmed the standard shipping grey console and single controller production will be first to hit full steam 24/7. Then the custom models will be next.

That isn’t all either. OUYA also took this moment to share details about how they will update their fans, and their customers. Starting today OUYA will update the kickstarter page (and blog) each Friday with details and status updates on production and shipments of the console.

OUYA also confirmed that they’ll now begin sending out shipment notices a week prior to devices actually shipping. So customers know their unit is in queued up and will be coming soon. They expect all kickstarter backers consoles to be completed and shipped by May, then in stores by June. Things are starting to pick up and look good. Don’t forget to hit the links below for details on all the games available!

[via OUYA]


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