Microsoft’s continuous improvement of the Outlook app has made it a favorite among productivity buffs who need to work on their mobile devices while on the go. The latest update brings several “highly requested” features to your Android device, including synced shared calendars, the ability to manage someone else’s calendar, connecting your Meetups app, plus other easier ways to manage your events and appointments. There are also some features that will be just for iOS now, but will eventually be available for Android as well.

If you work in a company that uses Outlook to manage not just emails but also calendars, you probably are looking at shared calendars with your boss and teammates. Now you will be able to view and edit Office 365 and calendars from your Outlook mobile app. You can also now share your calendars with other people and then accept sharing invitations from them right on your phone.

If you’re managing your boss’ or someone else’s calendar, you can also now use your mobile app to view and edit the delegated calendar. You can also now sync your Meetup calendar in Outlook as Microsoft adds another integration following that of Facebook and Evernote earlier this year. Some things that you can do with Outlook on the web or desktop are also added to the app, like recurring events, RSVP to a single occurrence of a recurring event, and seeing the availability of your co-workers when you need to schedule meetings.

Upcoming features to Android, which are now available to iOS, include adding a message when responding to a calendar invite, setting an event as private so others won’t see it when you share your calendar, marking your events a Busy, Free, Out of Office, or Tentative. For now, you can update your Outlook for Android to enjoy the other features mentioned.

SOURCE: Outlook