Even though the Microsoft Outlook Mobile app is designed more for companies and enter[rises, the way that it’s currently built as well as the features that they keep adding, seem to appeal to people who use their mobile email for both personal and work. However, the newest update to the app is bringing enterprise-level features, including making it more secure and protecting the information you may be sharing and sending with co-workers and contacts. The downside is that you may not be able to fully use it for your personal as well.

One of the new things that your company admin and your users can do is classify and apply labels to the emails that you send through your corporate account. Admins can make custom sensitivity labels like “General” and “Company Confidential” with actions like adding a footer to emails or in the case of the latter, encrypting the actual emails. On the user end, you can also apply a Company Confidential label so that only those with authorization can actually open the emails.

Outlook mobile will also now be getting new app configuration capabilities, giving admins more power over what and how gets installed and added to the app. They can now specify the corporate email and OneDrive for Business accounts that will be allowed on the mobile app. The issue would be if you already have a personal email added currently, if they will no longer function or you would have to install another Outlook app to be able to use it.

The admin will also now be able to push specific settings like letting users sync/save contacts, toggling on/off biometrics like Touch ID, allowing or blocking external images, etc. They can also later on enable faster Outlook mobile account setup configurations so that employees will be able to have their correct work account up and running.

For those who are using Outlook for personal, there will be new ways to connect and organize. You will soon be able to use Office Lens to add business cards to your email app. Calendar sharing has also been improved as well as sharing for specific calendar events on your app. Some of the features are already available but some will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

SOURCE: Microsoft