Microsoft has rolled out the latest update for the email app on Android. The update is available by way of the Google Play Store, but perhaps more important is what that update brings. This latest update has arrived with a version number of and the app supports Android 2.3 or later. Users can expect to find an updated design along with some new features.

Beginning first with the new look. Microsoft has said that while they have received an overall positive response with the app, they have “been behind” and are taking a “large step forward” with this update. You can judge for yourself it the step can truly be considered large, however in terms of looks, those using the app can expect to see something that has the “look and feel you’ve come to love on Windows 8.”

Aside from an update in design, the app has also been given some new features. To begin with, you can now mark messages as junk. Maybe that is what they were referring to as being a bit behind. Anyway, in keeping with that thought, users will also be able to filter messages by unread and flagged.

There was also the introduction of conversation threading. Otherwise, the app still allows you to sync your Calendar and Contacts as well as view and sync folders — including sub-folders. Lastly, some of the remaining (and previously existing) features include search and the ability to have multiple accounts.

[via Outlook Blog]