Oura Ring Generation 3

Smart rings are nothing new but the category hasn’t really become a standard. There is a niche market for such and so Oura Health will continue to come up with smart rings. The Oura Ring Generation 3 has just been introduced. It’s another wearable that promises accuracy when you want the information and data you need. The Oura Ring is all about tracking your health. The technology has given birth to the Oura community where the product maker and users come together for ideas.

The Oura team has made sure the new Oura Ring is better. It comes with additional features that can help a user optimize his personal health. Data is power and this new version of the smart ring can provide the right information.

The device helps track Daytime Heart Rate. There are new green LED sensors that allow you to see your heart rate in real-time. It’s the same with your Workout Heart Rate which you can now track where you are running, biking, walking, or doing any work-out. The Oura Ring can also provide post-activity data like heart rate stats, distant, and location.

Improved sleep staging is offered by this sleep tracker. Expect better sleep accuracy that will come with an update. The ring has received 7 Temperature Sensors so you can see your temperature data. It can tell you when you’re about to get sick.

For the ladies, you can track your period or predict when it will start. The ring will look at your body temperature and hormonal changes that usually indicate when period will begin.

Oura Ring Generation 3 Features

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