This app got lost in all the hype surrounding the recently released Google Buzz widget and the update to Maps. The guys over at androidspin gave a nice mini review of this app. This is another social networking type app that allows you to share different things with your Orkut buddies.

Orkut includes friends live folders which allows you to add your friends to it right from your home screen. Once they are there you can communicate via call, scrap or SMS with your friends in a single click. You can add this widget just like any other widget on Android. Notifications in Orkut are called scraps, when you receive a message via Orkut and click on it you are sent to your scrapbook page. You can also share photos in this app.

The market description reads:

Orkut for Android! See something interesting while on the move? Click it & send directly to your Orkut Albums – let your friends see and comment. Micro-blog your status updates and observations. Check and reply to scraps. Browse all your friends or better yet call them up from a live folder.

Scan the qr code and try this app out.