The rebranded NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 got its update to Android Marshmallow late last year, leaving the original NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet – the one without the rebrand but with almost the same specs – seemingly out in the cold still with Android Lollipop. That ends today, as NVIDIA has announced that the Marshmallow update for the original NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet is now rolling out.

Most of you will already know what to expect from Android Marshmallow, and very predictably, NVIDIA has translated most of those features for the original NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet. This includes features such as Now On Tap, support for adoptable storage, the new app permission system, Doze mode, app optimization and lots more. Memory usage is even monitored for each app, and the update includes the Android security patch for January 2016.


NVIDIA has taken some time to add in a few bits and pieces of its own with the update, like a material design-flavored camera app with burst functionality and real-time HD effects, snazzy new wallpapers for the home and lock screens, and some improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity.

NVIDIA has announced that the rollout will be going out over-the-air (OTA), so it may take be a few days for the update to get to you. Feeling impatient? Well, you’re free to navigate to Settings > About tablet to see if the update is available for you. If not, you’ll still go back to waiting anyways.