Google’s new NFC payment solution, Google Wallet is cool to be sure, but as of now it only works with one phone, Sprint’s Nexus S 4G. T-Mobile users on who have the original Nexus S have been left wondering why they aren’t so privileged. Both versions of Nexus S models have the same NFC chip, but a spokesperson from Google has confirmed that they have not yet reached an agreement with T-Mobile, and until such an agreement happens, only Sprint’s version will be able to use Wallet.

The statement comes courtesy of Google’s VP of Payments, Osama Bedier. To be clear Google will be working to bring Google Wallet to T-Mobile Nexus S owners, but Google has no plans of implementing the service without carrier approval. Google doesn’t see much difficulty in getting carriers on board in the future.

Now that Google’s has announced plans for the first mobile payment system in America, there’s finally a commercial use for NFC. We’ve all known for awhile now that pushing NFC has been a high priority for Google, and clearly they hope that mobile payments will be the platform that helps push NFC to be as popular in America as it is in countries like China and Japan.

[via PhoneScoop]