We’ve seen smartwatches that look like mechanical watches, or mechanical watches that are actually smartwatches in disguise. But we’ve rarely seen an actual mechanical watch that has a strap that is the smart one. Okay, we’ve seen a couple of things like that, but now the newest one to join the fray is classical watchmaker Grayton with their IndieGoGo project for the Origin. It looks like any other nicely-designed traditional watch, but paired with a smart strap, then it becomes a basic connected device for people looking for a new wearable.

The self-winding timepiece embodies the classic design that Grayton is known for. It has an open-heart dial and a see-through back cover so you can see all the complex mechanisms that makes your watch run. The design uses a combination of minimalist lines while also bringing “centuries of watchmaking heritage”. It has several looks for either casual, stylish, or even sporty.


Of course what makes Origin stand out from other regular watches is that it has a strap that makes it into a smartwatch. They are interchangeable and they have embedded electronics to be able to track your activities, give you smart notifications, lets you find your phone if you misplace it, control your music, and other basic smartwatch functions. You can connect it through the Grayton app and charge it through USB connection. However, you won’t be able to use the band on its own, unlike some of the other products that can do so.


The Origin has already reached 233% of its funding goal, so it’s supposedly good to go. You can still avail of the early bird promo so you just have to pay $199 (plus shipping) to get one Origin watch with the smart strap. The estimated delivery will be May 2017.