In case you have a gazillion notes saved on your Google Keep and the organized person in you is just screaming for some semblance of order, the folks over at Google have finally heard your cry for help. An update to the sticky note-ish app brings a way to bring order to the chaos by introducing labels. It has also made Keep a legit productivity helper by adding recurring reminders for the to-do notes that you, uhm, keep in it.

Keep has been pretty handy for Android users, even if other productivity apps offer more features and options. But now it’s trying to keep up with them by helping you organize the notes you’ve left lying around, digitally speaking. You can now create labels and add the notes to their respective labels, like to-do list, bills, passwords, books to read, or whatever label you’d like to add. You can even add multiple labels to one note, in case it belongs in different categories. We just wish there was a default color for each label, so that our notes can be easily color-coded as well.

If you want to turn your notes into recurring reminders, you now can do it too! You can choose to have it repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and also custom intervals. This really does make Keep more of a productivity app than just a place to randomly leave notes.

However, the update has only reached the web version so far. But it will definitely reach your Android app sometime soon, as they’ve already announced it on their social media pages. But there is already an .apk available in case you’re too impatient to wait.

SOURCE: +Google