We always remember Orange Pixel especially during holidays. The last time we heard about the game developers was during last year’s Black Friday with its special deals on apps and games, offering some games for only $0.99 cents. Orangepixel’s holiday sales are always anticipated and this Valentine’s Day is no different.

All the games up on sale last Black Friday are once again ready for only $0.99 cents--Gunslugs, Gunslugs 2, Heroes of Loot, Heroes of Loot 2, Groundskeeper 2 , and Space Grunts. All these titles are available on the Play Store and iOS.

We’ve featured some of the games mentioned. Gunslugs 2 was launched for the Android games two years ago. A free version was released a few months later. We tried Heroes of Loot 2 last year while its original version became a part of a Humble BundleSpace Grunts had us finding out ways to the moon-base. We haven’t covered Groundskeeper 2 but we find it as one interesting action mobile game.

These games are ready for a small price of $0.99. These aren’t the only titles from OrangePixel but these are the more popular ones. Other games not included in this Valentine’ sale are the following: Tap kick 2014, Melanoid 2, INC: The Beginning, Chrono&Cash, Neoteric, Melanoid, Stardash, Super Drill Panic, and Jumpy.

Download the OrangePixel games from the Google Play Store:
Gunslugs | Gunslugs 2 | Heroes of Loot | Heroes of Loot 2 | Space Grunts | Groundskeeper 2

SOURCE: Orange Pixel