Did you ever think that the day would come when you would need your smartphone to help you brush your teeth properly? Us neither. But that day has finally arrived as the Oral-B GENIUS was introduced at the ongoing Mobile World Congress 2016 and it is probably the world’s smartest oral hygiene gadget right now. With its combination of Position Detection Technology and video recognition using your smartphone’s camera, this toothbrush and the accompanying app will bring you the best oral care standard.

While you would think that you’ve been brushing your teeth properly, either because you do it for a long time and you feel like you’re very thorough, sometimes you neglect certain areas that are important. And this intelligent brushing system intends to correct that through technology and of course an app, as most things do right now. The toothbrush itself has sensors and using Position Detection Technology, it will show you where your problem areas are and where you should brush more thoroughly. Yes, this means you’ll have a smartphone in front of you while you’re brushing.

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It also uses Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating Technology to help you clean tooth by tooth and also reach the difficult areas while the Triple Pressure Sensor Technology tells you when you’re brushing too hard so that your teeth won’t be damaged by excessive brushing. You also get a Professional Timer so that each quadrant of the mouth is given equal time and effort.

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The whole Oral-B GENIUS package includes a travel case, a smartphone holder you can stick in the mirror, a lithium ion battery to give you two weeks of brushing and the SmartRing, a personalized multicolor lighting system to make your brushing experience cooler. There isn’t any SRP yet but the gadget/toothbrush will be available by July 2016.