If you are an Oppo user, specifically the Find 7 and Find 7a, then you’re familiar with ColorOS, their very own OS based on the Android 5.0 Lollipop. While the updated 2.1.3i may mostly bring stabilization and bug fixes, it also adds a few new things (Eye Protection, better battery) and brings back an old favorite (air gestures). While of course only those who own the devices will be able to have these features, it’s nice to dream that someday, Lollipop may have some of these so Android users everywhere can enjoy them as well.

ColorsOS 2.1.3i makes your Find devices less power hungry with its power saving mode. But more than that, you can easily toggle from that to the regular mode which has more features activated of course. Since most of us spend so many hours just staring at the screen of our devices, the Eye Protection mode will be especially helpful, as it brings you user-selected levels that filter our blue light. Oppo however still encourages that we rest our eyes every once in a while. That mode is just meant as a “supplement”and not as a cure for bad eyesight.

Meanwhile, air gestures are back with this OS, because people apparently missed it when it went away. The self-explanatory feature is pretty useful when you’re scrolling though photos or navigating your home screen with its many apps. Reviews of the Find 7 says the screens are a bit fingerprint messy, so this feature should come in handy.

Of course, majorly, it is about bug fixes and improvements, which may not be sexy, but is undoubtedly necessary. The OTA of this update should start pushing out by Monday, but you can download and install it from the OPPO site.

VIA: Phone Arena