OPPO X 2021 rollable phone

OPPO seems to be serious in bring the rollable phone to the market. The Chinese OEM doesn’t really have a foldable phone offering yet but the Oppo X 2021 is something that can be revolutionary. A couple of weeks ago, OPPO was said to present a rollable-retractable display smartphone concept. It was then shown off in a hands-on video tour. OPPO may not be top of the mobile game but it is one of the more reliable brands in the Android community.

OPPO’s designers know what they are doing, coming up with phones that boast almost premium specs and features. The next to make an impression is the Oppo X 2021. The rollable device was revealed at OPPO’s Inno Day 2020 event.

The OPPO X 2021 comes equipped with a 6.7-inch screen. It rolls to a bigger 7.4-inch display. Interestingly, OPPO doesn’t have big plans to commercialize the smartphone. According to our source, the rollable phone “will serve as a guide for the transformation and evolution of future product form factors” as per OPPO’s response to an email inquiry.

OPPO also said: “Commercialization requires market research and business justification, and may take some time.” Not releasing the rollable phone in the market makes sense, at least, for now. The foldable phone category hasn’t really gone big so perhaps OPPO knows there won’t be enough profits yet.

OPPO’s rollable concept phone can be used for future development. It may also be a reference point for other phone designs. We have no idea what they could be but we believe the possibilities are endless when it comes to technology.


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