OPPO Watch

A few weeks ago, we learned that an OPPO smartwatch would arrive with a special ECG feature. This is the first time the Chinese OEM is venturing into the wearable game. A Q1 release is expected and looks like we’re about to see the new wearable device we only know now as the OPPO Smartwatch. OPPO’s Vice President and President of Global Marketing himself, Brian Shen, teased the product over on Twitter. He shared a rectangular watch with curves that may remind you of the Apple Watch and the Xiaomi Mi Watch.

The OPPO watch will not be round or circular. It will look a lot like the Apple Watch or the Mi Watch. There will still be a 3D glass and curved screen.

The OPPO executive said the smartwatch “will be a gamechanger” but we’re not sure how. We just know it will also focus on health so it can be considered as a fitness tracker. Can this be an Apple Watch killer? That is a possibility.

The upcoming OPPO smartwatch could arrive with ECG or EKG function. Only a few smartwatches have such a feature as the Samsung Galaxy Active 2, Withings Move ECG, Amazfit Verge, and Apple Watch Series 5. The ECG feature can be useful in tracking the irregular rhythm of the heart or test abnormalities.

Don’t be surprised if the OPPO smartwatch looks like the Apple Watch just because of the shape. We’ll just look forward to how it will be different yet more efficient when it comes to the total wearable game.