Oppo smartwatch

Smartwatches are relatively new. No matter how cool, sleek, classic, or luxurious a particular model looks, geeks will judge its performance and battery life. Right now, Android wear gadgets don’t offer impressive battery life, at least, not yet. OPPO’s smartwatch is still a rumor but the model is believed to have longer battery life thanks to the very small internal cells the manufacturer used.

All these information about the rumored OPPO smartwatch are considered hearsay for now. The Huawei smartwatch‘s battery can last up to two days and the OPPO could be the next to have a long battery life according to OPPO insiders. The smartwatch is even believed to arrive together with the OPPO Find 9.

Aside from a long battery life, the OPPO smartwatch will have a very short charging time. Compared to the current models available, this one will only take five minutes to charge. That would be very impressive if this rumor is true since most smartwatches now take a few hours or must be charged overnight to last the user at least one day. Five minutes? That would be really awesome.

OPPO may not be on top of the mobile game but the Chinese manufacturer is slowly making a name with unique charging technology advancements–the latest we hope to see with the upcoming smartwatch. Remember the OPPO N3 and the Find 7 that came with VOOC technology and fast charger? OPPO could be introducing a new trend in the smartwatch arena and that is the possibility of fast charging.

VIA: GizChina