While Oppo has indeed confirmed that the F1 (nothing to do with car-racing of course) is the first smartphone that will come out of their new F series, not many details have been revealed as to the device itself. But now the Chinese OEM has announced a few tidbits, although it may not be enough for us to pass early judgement on this new device. The new line is supposed to focus on the camera capabilities of a smartphone, but we don’t know what the special features will be, as of now.

The Oppo F1 will come with a 13MP main camera, which is pretty normal for mid-range devices. But it does have a phase detection autofocus which may help you take better mobile photos. But some previous Oppo devices, like the R7 and R7s already have this, so maybe there will be more to it than just that feature. As for the front-facing one, it has 8MP and a wider f/20 lens, as compared to the R-series as well. The camera will have the PureImage 2.0+ platform so there are different modes aside from the normal filters.

There are no specifics yet as to what chipset it will use, aside from the fact that it will be Snapdragon but it will probably be the S615 that other Oppo devices in this range use. They did say that it will have a 3GB RAM which is pretty good as compared to its competitors. The official photos released show that it might have a 5-inch display.

The device actually looks a lot like the R7/R7s, so hopefully, it will have more than what we’ve seen so far. And if the F series will really be focused on mobile imaging, then what they’ve announced so far seems pretty weak. They did promise the official announcement of the final specs in the next few weeks so let’s wait and see.

VIA: GSM Arena