The mid-range market is the new battleground for OEMs, with the Moto G looking to set the pace. Samsung has also vowed to focus more on the lower-end device in 2014, and now Oppo is getting into the mix. With their new R833T, Oppo plans to beat expectations of the mid-range segment. On paper, they may already have.

The device, like any other in its class, is not going to turn heads. It’s not pretty, flashy, or otherwise spec heavy. What it is, is a daily driver that won’t break the bank. The Oppo R833T will sport a 4.3-inch 480×800 WVGA screen, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 4GB memory. It will have the dual camera setup we’re used to seeing (no megapixel count yet), and Oppo’s Color OS.

The R833T will also debut at $160, a making it the cheapest quad-core device we’ve seen. Though it’s likely meant for the Asian market, we’d love to see it come to the rest of the world. A low-cost, mid-range device such as this could have a real impact moving forward.

We also wish it had just a touch more memory, or at least a microSD card slot. It may have more to it that what is listed, so we’re not ready to write it off just yet. For $160, though, it makes a perfect burner smartphone. Like the Moto G, we’ll be interested to see just where this one ends up.