Oppo may be working on the Find 7, but there is also a smaller device in the works. Their Neo was leaked recently on an Indonesian website. While details are still sketchy, we are hearing it has a smaller profile than the Find 7, but a few features that are quick becoming standard for newer devices.

The Neo is said to have a 4.5-inch IPS LCD screen, but no other specs are known at this time. From the leaked image, which appears to be a press rendering, Oppo seems to be keen on touting their touch capabilities. A “Quick Reach” mode is probably the docking capability we’ve seen lately, though that’s usually relegated to larger devices. A “Gloves Mode” doesn’t tell us if special gloves are required, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

Oppo’s Find 7 will check in at 5.5-inches, and is their flagship model. While we don’t have specs for either outside of screen size, it’s likely the Neo will be a mid-range offering from Oppo. Their R1 seems to sit right under the Find 7, settling the new Neo just under it in the hierarchy, it seems. There is also news of Oppo working on a 4.3-inch device, though details there are also sketchy.

The Neo doesn’t seem to carry the swiveling camera of the N1, sadly. As more details leak out, we’ll keep you informed of the goings on from Oppo. For now, it seems like a solid device that will challenge for a mid-range foothold in China’s aggressive market.