As we had been expecting, OPPO has officially unveiled the N1 mini. The OPPO N1 mini will have a not-so-mini 5-inch display, which sits at 720p. But on the flip side, the display is smaller as compared to the regular model N1, which had a 6-inch display.

Overall though, the mini model sports the same style and some of the same features as the regular model OPPO N1. That is to say the OPPO N1 mini has a rotating camera setup. Specifics here show the camera as being the same 13MP Sony 6 lens setup. Further details on the camera include an f/2.0 aperture and 1/3.2 sensor.

OPPO has yet to reveal the full set of specs for the N1 mini, however they have said the handset will be running Color OS 1.4 and have support for 4G LTE networks. Having said that, it looks like we may want to consider this more a soft-launch as OPPO also has plans for a more formal announcement event on June 10th.

There hasn’t been anything offered in terms of release details. Basically, no date and no pricing. We also have yet to see anything in terms of market availability. But on that last item — we suspect (based on what we saw with the regular model OPPO N1), that the market availability will be somewhat limited.

VIA: G4Games



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