While most OEMs still struggle to implement 6GB of RAM there are brands that already use 8GB RAM. It may be long before 6GB or even 8GB RAM becomes a standard in smartphones but we’re hoping soon especially now we’ve heard of OPPO thinking of upgrading to 10GB RAM. The closest we have to this was the Vivo Xplay7 leaked with 10GB RAM earlier in January. Interestingly, it was only a rumor and we were only introduced to the Vivo Xplay5 with 6GB RAM.

The idea isn’t exactly far-fetched because 10GB RAM is real. The first phone to run on such may be a new OPPO Find X. The device has reached TENAA and instead of 8GB RAM, it’s 10GB RAM.

We’re not expecting an early announcement because this one takes a lot of planning. If not Vivo, then Oppo can probably make it first with a 10GB RAM-powered Find phone.

Nothing is certain and official yet but more often than not, once a device reaches TENAA, it means it’s almost ready for release in China.

So will OPPO be the first to launch a 10GB RAM phone? There is a high probability. We’re imagining the likes of Huawei and Samsung are also now thinking of doing the same thing. Let’s wait and see.

VIA: SlashGear