The idea of pop-up cameras has finally been realized. VIVO announced the APEX concept first and eventually the Vivo NEX was launched. Another Chinese OEM managed to roll out a similar smartphone–the OPPO Find X. They’re actually announced almost the same time but we’ve always known about Vivo’s plans while Oppo had been sneaky. Vivo NEX launch details were revealed and we finally saw the elevating camera. A teardown uncovered its secrets and the phone was soon the subject of a durability test.

OPPO Find X Durability Test

The OPPO Find X look likes one solid smartphone. Of course, it doesn’t go unnoticed by Zack Nelson as the device was recently a subject of a series of durability tests. The Find X deserves to be tried and tested because it is unique compared to other phones in the market today. The phone hides the camera between panels. The camera pops up or slides out to be revealed when necessary.

The top is motorized. It is where the front sensors, earpiece, and front and rear cameras are located. It pops up and feels there’s some space which could be a problem in the feature because anything could get stuck inside.

Upon opening the box and taking out the phone, you will see a screen protector on the front panel. Remove it to test the screen with Gorilla Glass 5. A scratch test tells us the screen scratches at level six. Deeper grooves are possible at level seven.

The flagship OPPO Find X features a solid metal build that can scratch but with no further damage. Burning the screen with flame leaves a white mark which goes away easily. So far, so good.

The problem happens when the phone reaches the bend test. The phone fails to hold up the screen, making it to JerryRigEverything’s Wall of Shame. It’s only one disadvantage but it’s something OPPO should look into in the future. The phone is innovative and has potential. It just needs to be more durable.

VIVO NEX Durability Test

On the other hand, here’s a short video of the VIVO NEX being tested. The durability test is one of a kind. The smartphone’s strength is tested by checking how strong the pop-up camera is. Eight units of VIVO NEX with the cameras pulled out are used to hold a thick glass where a ballerina is dancing on top. You can see the glass moving intensely as the dancer moves but the phones manage to carry the weight.

We still want to see Zack Nelson do his own brand of durability test on the Vivo NEX but until then…

Watch the video below:

SOURCE: JerryRigEverything, KHGadgets