Oppo’s Find 7a is a highly anticipated device, and might be more with this bit of news. Oppo is offering a free extra battery and Easy Style Cover with international pre-orders. In addition to the two add-ons, Oppo is teasing a “surprise” gift.

The battery might be the biggest deal here. The 3,000mAh battery in the Find 7a is likely adequate, but not having to plug in all the time is also nice. The device will have a 5.5-inch screen, which is likely to draw quite a bit of juice, but not obnoxiously so — we hope.

The case is a nice addition, too. Offered in white, the Find 7a is one many way worry willg et dirty easily. A case is a nice accessory many go for with a new device, so tossing it into the bundle only sweetens the deal. As for what the “deal” is, we don’t quite know yet.

The device is currently listed for right around $480 in China, so we’d think the same pricing would be in effect for international crowds. Of course, with a case and battery, it might be a bit more. There is also the curiosity surrounding the “surprise” Oppo has for us.

Are we getting a radically discounted device? Free for the first 100 orders or something? In looking at the picture above, there is a free something mentioned, but Oppo is playing this one close to the chest. We don’t have any info yet, but come April 7, we’ll know for sure. We’d like to see this offered for less than $500, but even at that mark it’s already a really nice device.

Via: Phone Arena