The Oppo Find 7 may be a bit off your radar right now, but that could change really quickly. A picture, posted to Chinese microblogging site Weibo, shows an unheard of resolution for a smartphone. Before you even ask, yes, we’re considering that Nokia Windows Phone with the 41MP shooter.

The picture, seen above, touts a resolution of — wait for it — 8160 x 6120. The EXIF data for the pic notes it’s from an Oppo Find 7, so unless there is a fantastic Oppo Find 7 camera in the works, this is from one of their possible duo of upcoming devices. The other interesting tidbit here is that the camera is said to pack a whopping 50 megapixels. Fifty!

It’s important to keep in mind that we’ve seen teasers for the display, but have yet to see any leaked images of the rear of the device. The Nokia Windows Phone, with it’s big 41MP shooter, has a huge cutout and bulbous protrusion. We’ve seen nothing to that end for the Oppo Find 7. To that point, we’ll simply say the picture seems to speak for itself.

We’ll temper the enthusiasm, but if all we’ve heard about the Oppo Find 7 is true — it’s exciting. A big, dense display with a removable battery, Snapdragon 801, and a 50MP camera? We’re not sure what to make of all that. It definitely sounds like a winner so far, but we’ll wait for the official announcement before jumping up and down.

Source: GizChina
Via: GSM Arena