There was a time, not too long ago, when people marveled at a 720P display on a big screen TV. When those puppies started to sell, they sold like hot cakes. I myself had a 55″ 720P Plasma Panasonic TV for a short while, and used to love sitting back and watching movies on it. But so much has changed in the past few years, that finding ourselves looking at the new leaked image of the Oppo Find 5 Mini smartphone makes us feel like geriatrics who keep hitting the snooze button.

The Oppo 5 Mini has shown its (rather small) face, but what it packs certainly takes our breath away. With rumors of the utilization of the same quad-processor found in the Find 5, it would pack a performance punch akin to the Ariel Atom V8 (Did someone mention 500HP in a 550KG package? No? Well I did). Sadly however, rumors are floating about of far less outlandish 1.2GHz Mediatek CPU fitted to a LCD IPS Display, to keep costs low.


It’s also been teased in this dizzying array of new colors for that individual touch the consumer may seek, including blue, green, red and yellow. Match that to a rumored price of 199 Euros or slightly more, and you have something that we’ll be aching to get our grubby little fingers on.

The Oppo 5 Mini just goes to show that size isn’t everything. With the release of massive Tablet phones left and right from Samsung, HTC, and more, it’s refreshing to see someone else get back into the portable, comfortable, usable mobile field.

SOURCE: MyDrivers