Obviously, Oppo is really excited about their new ColorOS as they have created video ads to promote their take on the Android operating system. However, someone must have dropped the ball in the creative department and even in the production department as the ads were quite frankly, absurdly awful. And before it became “viral”, they already almost immediately deleted the two videos. But of course, the Internet never forgets and so we can all still feast on these amazingly bad ads.

Thanks to the folks over at Android Police, we will still be able to view the two ads on their site even after Oppo deleted them for some reason the day after they put up the videos. The concept of the ads were that two people were talking about ColorOS as if it was a real person, which was already weird in itself, but to make it stranger, they were describing it like it was a romantic partner.

The first video showed a girl seemingly talking about a man to her guy friend (maybe friend) and she’s saying he makes her feel safe, he protects her from being harassed, etc. The other guy supposedly angrily asks “Who are you talking about?” and of course she says, ColorOS. The same two people are in the second ad and this time he is describing “her” and she thinks he’s talking about his secretary and it gets pretty uncomfortable towards the end.

Not only are the concepts bad, but the whole production itself seems low budget and they’re trying hard to bring “color” into it. Also, the acting seems pretty off and the overdubbed voice acting is also hilariously awful. All in all, we wonder how this ad could have made it past all of those bosses.

In any case, you be the judge and watch the videos themselves on the source site. Hopefully, they go back to the literal drawing board and come up with something better next time.