With its recent rise to international popularity, OPPO is now looking to the Android community at large to help spread the word about its custom Android interface. With its ColorOS Advisor Program, it is encouraging early adopters and forum assistants to help in the development of OPPO’s software and even help other OPPO users in need.

OPPO might be a bit known for some of its smartphones, particularly the N1 and Find 7 of late, but its software is far less in people’s minds compared to giants like Samsung’s TouchWiz, HTC’s Sense, or even other Android ROMs like CyanogenMod. Now that it is making an even bigger effort to claim its share of the pie in the world market, it wants to change that situation and improve the quality of its ColorOS interface. And it will be doing so with the help not of employees but of volunteers.

The ColorOS Advisor Program is basically an ambassadorial and assistant role in OPPO’s forums. Accepted members will be required to take part of private beta tests, flashing the latest firmware versions and trying to reproduce reported bugs. On the less technical side, they are also expected to help out in the forums and even write two original pieces every month. In exchange, such users will be able to get access to early versions of ColorOS before anyone else does, get in touch with developers, and even be part of future features. Oh, and you also get special forum title showing that you are part of the program.

The requirements for the program almost sound like a part-time job, since you will need to have good English communication skills and a few hours of free time each week. Of course, you need to have an OPPO device at hand, either a Find 5, Find 7, or Find 7a. It’s all volunteer work with very few tangible compensation except for bragging rights, but for fans of ColorOS who want to be more actively involved in development, the job itself is its own reward.



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