If there’s any consolation for not having Lollipop on a flagship level phone these days, Chinese manufacturer OPPO seems to be saying that at the very least, they’ll give you lots of new features. Is that a consolation at all? At this point, users of the OPPO Find 7 will not have any choice but to accept the ColorOS 2.0.7i update – with lots of fixes, new features, but still distinctly and a bit disappointingly, Android 4.4.2 KitKat.

Yep, it’s not even 4.4.4 – but more on that later. If you’re an OPPO user, you will understand that updates don’t come as big and as often – you’re used to that. So this new ColorOS update (ColorOS is OPPO’s take on Android), will be met with some excitement at the very least. The changelog for the fixes in this update is long, and so are the list of new features. Check out the official OPPO forum thread for the complete information.


Among the new features, one is that searching for songs within the Music app is now activated – that’s a big sigh for relief for OPPO users. Sound profiles have been improved – the user now has better control over volume settings. If you want a visual preview, see the video below.

The plan, according to OPPO, is to skip Android 4.4.4 altogether and push for a Lollipop build after this update. That will seem like good news, but in truth, there is still no information on how soon that will be happening, so hang in there, OPPO user.

VIA: Phone Arena