VPNs are particularly useful but surprisingly, even in this day and age, it can be a challenge to look for one that is reliable and efficient. You may find one that is decent enough but it usually comes with a high price. This time, Opera wants to provide a proper solution that is not just effective but one that is free and unlimited. Don’t believe it? Well, that’s how Opera operates.

The service was first made available for iOS but it’s only now that it’s ready for Android devices. With Opera VPN, you are free to connect to and access Internet in United States safely. This VPN allows you to access any blocked content whether in other countries like Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, or Singapore. More locations will be added in the coming months.

The free VPN also blocks ad trackers and annoying ads. However, don’t be surprised if you still see some ads because Opera has added some. The app is free anyway and Opera still needs to make a little money. Opera VPN also boasts of a built-in security test so you can know potential threats and check for connection encryption.

Opera VPN checks Wi-Fi security and lets you access more online content. It doesn’t even need any subscription or log-in, just download the app from the Google Play Store. It doesn’t set any data limit so you are free to browse and enjoy the VPN on your Android mobile phone.

Opera VPN for Android Wi-Fi security test tool

The Opera VPN for Android supports virtual locations for more online content. Five servers are available from the five countries we mentioned a while ago. This app can scan Wi-Fi network that you currently use. If security is weak, then the app will suggest that you enable the VPN as a safety measure.

VPN app will also check if network is private or public, how many devices are connected to the same network, if IP address is exposed, if location is known, if other people can see your details, and if the Wi-Fi network is encrypted or not.

Opera VPN for Android Olaf

Still not convinced that you need a VPN for mobile? Let Olaf the Viking tell you why. Watch video below:



  1. It’s a nice step by Opera. I tried Opera VPN even I know its a free VPN, like its speed and UI (especially its mascot i.e. Viking). However, what didn’t worked for me was connection time. It took longer than usual to connect and once or twice it didn’t even connect. Hence, I deleted it and continued to use Ivacy VPN.


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